Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Heat is on!

So, I'm now officially a South Bombay mom and boy what a world this is!! I come from (literally) the other end of the spectrum, from a world not far away (North Bombay) where moms lounge in designer wear and hi-heeled shoes while their children are chased by nannies. I'm used to lazy evenings and idle talk. Babies giggles are what get the applause and discussing our nannies and their pay packets is the order of the day. I'm used to seeing the little ones in Burberry checks and Baby Dior pinks with chocolate smears on their darling faces.

Here, in South Mumbai, life is a tad different. Moms are still hanging out by the pool - think Willingdon Club and not JW Marriot - but there's no lounging here! They're upright and attentive, screaming at their tadpoles, making sure that their off-springs become the swim champs they never were. Sports gear replaces designer wear and the moms are in comfortable flats - you never know when the child needs and ear full or the coach almighty summons!

Scarily, I think I fit in better here....! I'm mildly amused by the craziness of it all and alternate between the reality check of my life and the idea of my five-year-old one day being a ballet performer perhaps in .... The Nutcracker??? I love the enthusiasm and the discipline that comes with it, but I have to draw the line at walking in on a mom who's telling her daughter's teacher about how well she reads and how she must be the lead in the school play!

There's a book I recently read that basically told me that I could make it happen for my kids. All they require is potential. I can push them, make them put in the hours and voila! They'll be pros!

I guess in South Mumbai the idols are Nadal and Paes and in North Bombay, It's Beyonce and Shahrukh. Either way, we're a generation that's either going to have the biggest group of pros ever, or a bunch of really disappointed adults....


  1. Great blog look forward to many more ... also I totaly get what you mean!!! :)

  2. No fair sup! Not all of us like that... a lot maybe but not all ;)